Contingency Plans


  1. Treat the setts saturated lime solution
  2. Foliar application of Nitrogen and Potassium
  3. Application of 25% additional potassium
  4. Trash mulching

When sugarcane is planted in skip furrow and irrigate alternate furrows, the effect of drought can be mitigated. Drip irrigation is recommended to improve the water use efficiency and economise the irrigation water requirement. Drip irrigation help to save about 40% of the irrigation water.

Planting of drought tolerant varieties like Co 86032, Co 85019, Co 94008, Co 94012, Co 99004, Co 2001-13, Co 0218, Co 0403 and Co 06027 for Peninsular zone of India; Co 2001-15 for; Co 98014, Co 0238, Co 0118, Co 0124 and Co 0239 for North zones would avoid the risk due to drought during the crop growing season.

Water logging

Planting of water logging tolerant clones like Co 8371, CoTl 88322, Co 99006, Co 0124, Co 0237 and Co 0239 would mitigate the loss of cane yield in area prone to the risk of water logged conditions during the critical growth period.


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