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Barber, C.A.

C.A. Barber Dr. C.A. Barber is the Founder Director of Sugarcane Research Station during 1912 (now called Sugarcane Breeding Institute).

  • He was the first Government Sugarcane Expert
  • He was the Botanist and Breeder at the Institute during 1912-1918
  • He was instrumental in identifying the first interspecific hybrid Co 205, released for commercial cultivation
  • He was the architect of the first successful inter-generic hybrid in 1916 between S. officinarum clone 'Vellai' and Narenga porphyiocana
  • He initiated sugarcane breeding in India and brought international recognition to the station by using the wild species (kans) as parent of Co Varieties
  • He conducted monumental work on the morphology and classification of Indian canes
  • The species Saccharum barberi is named after him


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