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Staff of Sugarcane Breeding Institute

List of Scientific Personnel: Plant Pathology

Scientist Discipline Research Areas
Dr. Viswanathan, R.
Principal Scientist
and Head (Plant Protection)
Plant Pathology Molecular basis of red rot resistance, Molecular diagnosis of sugarcane pathogens, Pathogen diversity, Epidemiology and management of yellow leaf disease.
Dr. Ramesh Sundar, A.
Principal Scientist
Plant Pathology Molecular characterization of red rot,induced resistance
Dr. (Smt) Malathi, P.
Principal Scientist
Plant Pathology Pathogenic variation in red rot, biocontrol, vegetative compatibility
Dr. Chhabra, M.L.
Senior Scientist,
Reg.Centre, Karnal
Plant Pathology Sugarcane diseases
Dr. Jayakumar, V.
Senior Scientist
Plant Pathology Molecular studies of Sugarcane diseases
Dr. R. Selvakumar,
Principal Scientist
Plant Pathology Epidemiology and management of newly emerging diseases, Survey and Surveillance for sugarcane diseases
Dr. B. Parameswari,
Regional Centre, Karnal
Plant Pathology Diseases of sugarcane in sub-tropical India
Dr. K. Nithya,
Plant Pathology Diseases of sugarcane

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