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Technical Staff T(1)-T(3)

Technical Assistant (T-3)

Technical Assistant

S No. Name, Designation & Section Pay Band / Grade pay
in Rupees
With Effect from
1. Mr. K. Manivannan
T(3) Technical Assistant
5200-20200+2800 21.03.2011
2. Mrs. Nici Ashok
T(3) Technical Assistant (Laboratory)
5200-20200+2800 05.08.2013
3. Mr. S. Karuppasamy
T(3) Technical Assistant (Computer)
5200-20200+2800 21.08.2013
4. Mr. K. Kaverinathan,
T(3) Technical Assistant (Lab. technician)
5200-20200+2800 26.02.2014
5. Mr. R. Raja,
T(3) Technical Assistant (Lab. Technician)
5200-20200+2800 14.03.2014
6. Mr. K. Selvamuthu,
Technical Assistant
5200-20200+2800 24.07.2014
7. Dr. P. Harunipriya
T(3) Technical Asst. (Field Asst.)
5200-20200+2800 18.03.2015
8. Shri. Rajesh Kumar
T(3) Technical Asst. (Field Asst.)
5200-20200+2800 25.03.2015
9. Dr. V. Raffee Viola
T(3) Technical Asst.
5200-20200+2800 15.05.2014
10. Smt. C. Yogambal
T(3) Technical Asst. (Field Asst.)
5200-20200+2800 30.03.2015

Senior Technician (T-2)

Senior Technician

S No. Name, Designation & Section Pay Band / Grade pay
in Rupees
With Effect from
1. Mr. R. Palaniswamy
T(2) Photographer, Extn.
5200-20200+2400 08.08.2008
2. Mr. M. Rajan Babu
T(2)- Senior Technician
5200-20200+2400 25.05.2013
3. Mr. R. Narayanaswamy
T(2)- Senior Technician
5200-20200+2400 25.06.2016

Technician (T-1)


S No. Name, Designation & Section Pay Band / Grade pay
in Rupees
With Effect from
1. Mr. M. Kannaian
T(1)- Technician
5200-20200+2000 21.09.2012
2. Mr. Malakappa B. Medegar
T(1)- Technician
5200-20200+2000 01.11.2012
3. Mr. M. Rajeshkumar
T(1)- Technician
5200-20200+2000 13.08.2013
4. Mr. M. Karthick
T(1)- Technician
5200-20200+2000 21.08.2013
5. Mr. U. Dinesh
T(1)- Technician
5200-20200+2000 28.08.2013
6. Mr. R. Nithyanantham. R.
T(1) - Technician
5200-20200+2000 03.03.2014
7. Smt. T. Kavitha,
Technician (Laboratory Technician)
5200-20200+2000 18.03.2014
8. Shri. S. Mutharasu,
Technician (Junior Field Asst.)
5200-20200+2000 25.03.2015
9. Shri. Braj Mohan Singh Baghel,
Technician (Junior Field Asst.)
5200-20200+2000 27.03.2015
10. Shri. S. Jothimani,
5200-20200+2000 13.07.2016
11. Shri. J. Devaraj,
5200-20200+2000 13.07.2016


" The Wonder Variety Co 0238 was evolved under the leadership of Dr.Bakshi Ram, Director, ICAR-SBI at Regional center,Karnal is doing wonders in subtropical India (UP)."

" CASHLESS ICAR INSTITUTE AWARD of RS.3 LAKHS presented to ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore"

" Best Farmer Award to The farmer Mr. Arvind Malik of village Badhai Kalan associated with ICAR- Sugarcane Breeding Institute Regional Centre, Karnal under NFSM"

"Minister lauds Scientists of Sugarcane Breeding Institute"

"A sweet deal for mills and farmers : The story of cane variety Co 0238"

"Co 0238 in Farmer Shri. Umesh field in Muzaffarnagar,Uttar Pradesh"

"Ganna Prakash - Hindi magazine"

"Hand Book Identification of Promising Sugarcane Clones"

"ICAR - Sugarcane Breeding Institute launches Soil Moisture Indicator"

"Interactive Meeting of Farmers and Cane Officials under Sweet Bloom Project on 03.11.2016"

"Project SWEET BLOOM-TN Launched at ICAR-SBI,Coimbatore"

Abiotic Stresss Management

Sugarcane Settlings

Sugarcane Varities


White Grub Management

DUS Characters of important varieties of Northern Karnataka

"Leaf miner occurrence in sugarcane"

"Success story (100tons/acre) YLD free Co 86032"

Advisories to mitigate the impact of drought in sugarcane

Impact of Co 0238 in Maharashtra (Source : The Financial Express, Maharashtra, April 13, 2016)

Yield potential of Co 0238 in UP(Source: Hindustan, Lucknow)

Implementation of Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav Scheme in Coimbatore district

Draft Proforma for Varietal Identification

Draft Proforma for Variety Release Notification

Release of New publication

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