Sugarcane Breeding Institute has filed for patents for the following technologies:

  1. Method for preparation of spray-dried sugarcane juice
  2. SBI water trap (pheromone trap)
  3. In situ rearing of the tachinid parasitoid Sturmiopsis inferns on diet reared sugarcane shoot borer
  4. Improved method of sugarcane micropropagation using Azospirillum and Methylobacterium
  5. Method and composition for preventing phenol pollution and inducing axillary shoots development in sugarcane
  6. Soil moisture indicator
  7. Porteresia ubiquitin derived promoter system and uses thereof
  8. ‘Vacuolar targeting determinants for plants and their uses thereof’ (5384/CHE/2013 dt 21.11.2013). The present disclosure relates to a plant vacuole targeting peptide and polynucleotide molecule that directs the localization of an operably liked gene of interest. A chimeric protein, recombinant vectors, recombinant host cells, transgenic plants, plant cells, tissues, and any part thereof comprising the targeting peptide or polynucleotide molecule are also provided.

The Institute has filed for Design Patents for the following designs:

  1. 4 designs for Soil Moisture Indicator- patents have been awarded for all the four designs
  2. Elevated Runway for Sugarcane Hybridization

Details of the above patents are provided in this document


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