Objectives and constitution

In pursuance of Councils letter No. 1-1/95/Plng (Pt. IV) dated 21.2.1997 a Consultancy Processing Cell (CPC) has been functioning at Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore. The functions of the CPC are to:
  • Give broad guidelines for consultancy work
  • Bring out consultancy information systems, catalogues periodically
  • Identify and prepare list of consultants in different fields (the consultants could be retired scientists / Officers of proven experience)
  • Prepare a roaster of available human resources on the basis of time schedule
  • Identify team for specific consultancy assignments; to coordinate work relating to consultancy assignments and periodic review of progress and
  • Prepare consultancy proposals as per flow chart given as CS-I of the guidelines

Following is the constituent of the CPC currently functioning.

PME Cell Chairman Chairman
Dr. P. Govindaraj, Principal Scientist, Plant Breeding Member
Dr. S. Alarmelu, Principal Scientist, Plant Breeding Member
Dr. B. Singaravelu, Principal Scientist, Entomology Member
Dr. A. Ramesh Sundar, Principal Scientoist, Plant Pathology Member
Dr. C. Palaniswami, Principal Scientist
Soil Chemistry and Fertilizer Management
Administrative Officer Member
Finance and Accounts Officer Member
Dr. N. Thiraviam, Asst. Chief Tehnical Officer Member

Recent programmes

Recent Consultancy Programmes

  • A Contract Service Programme on Bio-efficacy of Allwin Wonder in sugarcane in main season for M/S Sree Ramcides Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Chennai
  • A project consultancy programme on preparation of feasibility report for the establishment of a new sugar factory at Vengur village in Villupuram district (M/S Madras Cements Ltd., Chennai) was undertaken
  • A Contract Service Programme for one year on Efficacy of Biostimulant Allcor, Veenus and Talus on sugarcane was executed for M/S Neophyll Agrisciences Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
  • A training programme on artificial diet was organized for Dr. K. Narayanan, Principal Scientist, M/S Multiplex Biotech Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore during 14-21 June, 2007
  • A feasibility report for the establishment of a new sugar factory in Prakasam Dist. for M/s Sri Sarvaraya Sugars Ltd., Chelluru
  • Mass multiplication of Erianthus arundinaceus clones through tissue culture for M/s TNPL, Kagithapuram
  • Control of internoder borer through pheromone application for (a).M/s Sakthi Sugars Limited, Sakthi Nagar, Erode Dist. (b)M/s Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Ltd., Varadarajanagar, Theni Dist.(c).M/s The Mysore Paper Mills Ltd., Badravathi, Shimoga District.
  • Evaluation of Algrip 20% WP against broad leaf weeds in sugarcane for M/s E.I. Du Pont India Pvt. Limited
  • Testing of AgroSEB efficacy on growth, yield and quality of sugarcane for M/s Advanced Bio-agro Tech Ltd., Mumbai
  • Evaluation of E2Y45 (20% SC) against sugarcane termites for M/s E.I.Du Pont India Pvt. Limited
  • Feasibility report for sugarcane production for M/s Ravikumar Distilleries Limited, Pondicherry



गन्ने ने किसानों को बनाया आत्मनिर्भर : बक्शी राम (Source: जागरण संवाददाता, करनाल)"

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Mobile-App "Cane Adviser" on Sugarcane for Cane growers and millers developed.

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