Control of Sugarcane Diseases

Cultural Controls

  • Resistant varieties
Major diseases like red rot, smut and wilt can be managed efficiently by growing disease resistant varieties. Specific disease resistant programmes in Coimbatore and other AICRP centres are actively working on developing disease resistant varieties.
  • Agronomical methods
Clean seed cultivation
Heat therapy - Diseases like grassy shoot disease and ratoon-stunting disease can be eliminated from the seed materials through aerated steam treatment for 50oC for 1-3 hrs. Sett-borne infestation of smut fungi can be inactivated by treating the setts in hot water combined with 0.1% carbendazim for 30 min. at 52oC.

  • Chemical Controls
Red rot- Sett treatment of Thiophanate methyl compound @ 0.2% concentration is effective to control sett-borne infection of red rot
Smut - Sett dipping of fungicide @ 0.1% concentration along with hot water treatment at 500 C for 2 hours is effective in controlling sett-borne infection of the pathogen

  • Biological Control
  • Incorporation of Trichoderma viride in seedling pan protects the seedlings against Pythium root rot infection


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